Sailfish Bonanza Off of Marathon!!

Tailing season for Sailfish has kicked into high gear this past week or so as the planets have alligned, the gulfsream moved in, the wind came around to the East/SouthEast and all hell broke loose on the Sailfish scene. The annual migration of Sailfish from all points North including Palm Beach, Miami, and the upper Keys to the warm waters of the lower Gulf of Mexico or near the Yucitan Peninsula has been going on in full force. Some boats pre fishing for the world sailfish championships in Key West have been running up to the areas off of American Shoal and up to Marathon and recording sailfish releases in the 20’s 30’s and even as high as 50 released in a day!! This is as good as it gets here in the middle Keys and it has been happening all week!! Today, I had out John Hermanson and his son Max who released 3 Sails in a couple hours after catching huge Tarpon in the morning at the 7 mile bridge. We also missed quite a few other tailers, and had several more hooked up but pulled the hooks before we could get them to the boat. Other boats were seeing tons of fish and hooking up quite a few. One boat in my area that sailfished all day had 14 releases at last count today. Last week one boat getting ready for the Key West tournament had 50 releases by unofficial reports. Some boats in Marathon that ran down to the American Shoal area last week had 20-30 sailfish releases in a day but they had to run quite a 25-30 miles and did not fish all that many hours to amass that kind of catch. expect this good fishing to last for another few weeks as long as the gulfstream stays in close and we get some decent winds out of the east or southeast.

Tarpon action has heated up at the 7 mile bridge and other middle Keys locations! The silver Kings are invading the area and chewing up baitfish!! This is one way to catch big gamefish and stay in calm waters, clost to shore and have a great time!! This morning we caught a large tarpon in the 125lb class that took over an hour to get to the boat due to the tide being slack and the fish being stubborn on 20lb test. This action will continue for the next couple months. Get down here soon if you want to experience the best Tarpon fishing Florida has to offer!!

Courtesy of Captain Bob Brown from CyberAngler

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